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LDESP Middle East News Update – January 2013

LDESP MIDDLE EAST NEWS UPDATE: 21 December – 24 January 2013

The focus of the 24 January 2013 edition of the LDESP Middle East News Update includes articles, reports and analysis regarding Iran and the modern Gulf as well as the U.S.’s policies in the region. Please click here to review the LDESP News Update.

What’s inside:

In Review: Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions, U.S. Options  Prospects for Nuclear Talks with Iran Dim, Washington Post – News

     Containing Iran: Strategies for Addressing the Iranian Nuclear Challenge, RAND Corporation – ReportU.S. and Iranian Strategic Competition: The Gulf and Arabian Peninsula, CSIS – Report

Iran and the Bomb, Foreign Affairs Magazine – Debate

News Headlines:

Focus on Gulf States & Iran, Gulf Cooperation Council, The Levant

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