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LDESP Middle East News Update – May 2013


The focus of the 23 May 2013 edition of the LDESP Middle East News Update includes articles, reports and analysis regarding Iran’s upcoming presidential elections. The update also includes news and analysis regarding other Middle Eastern countries Iran, Iraq and Yemen. Please click here to view the document without having to login.

What’s inside:

In Review Iran’s Upcoming Presidential Elections

Profiles of Approved Candidates – BBC

“Iran Bars Candidate for Presidential ElectionsReuters

Iran’s Frontrunner for President Speaks of His Life Battling U.S. Power”Christian Science Monitor

“In Syria, The Jihadist Campaign for Hearts and Minds” – Time

     Responses to barring of candidates: Al Monitor, Foreign Policy, Huffington Post
The nuclear issue: “Iran is Seen Advancing Nuclear Bid,” New York Times

Middle East News Headlines:

The Levant: Syria, Lebanon, Egypt
Gulf States: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia

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  1. In Review: Iran’s Upcoming Presidential Elections | LDESP

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