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LDESP Asia-Pacific News Update – August 2013


The focus of the 15 August 2013 edition of the LDESP Asia-Pacific News Update includes articles, reports and analysis regarding the latest in U.S.-China relations, as well as China’s governance, economy, and military. Please click here to view the document.

What’s inside:

In Review: The Ups and Downs of U.S.-China Relations

U.S., Chinese Leaders Talk of Forging ‘New Model’ in Relations,” CNN

Realpolitik and Spinning the U.S.-China Summit,” New York Times

Next Up after U.S.-China Talks,” Wall Street Journal

News Headlines on U.S.-China Relations: military exercises, boosted tourism, and also tensions over cybersecurity, Iran nuclear energy, East and South China Seas

More China Headlines: Governance, Economy, Security/Military
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  1. In Review: The Ups and Downs of U.S.-China Relations | LDESP

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