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In Review: Institution Building and Political Reform in Afghanistan






Please click here to view the News Update (log-in not required) or open the attached .pdf link at the bottom of this message (log-in required) to review the Update from the LDESP site.

If you cannot click through,  please copy and paste the following URL into your address bar (not your search bar): https://www.ldesp.org/access/content/group/2fe9eb82-572a-4f84-9d3c-c49b2dd2e25d/Public%20News%20Updates/Afghanistan_LDESP_News_Update_September_13.pdf

What’s inside:

In Review: Institution Building and Political Reform

Will We Let the Afghan Reform Process Down?

Salvaging Governance Reform in Afghanistan

To Build Peace, Confront Afghanistan’s Natural Resource Paradox

Afghanistan-Pakistan News Headlines: September 2013

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