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LDESP Asia-Pacific News Update – December 2013


The focus of the 11 December 2013 edition of the LDESP Asia-Pacific News Update is on China’s new Air Defense Identification Zone as well as news from India’s recent state elections. Please click here to view the document without having to login.

Articles are taken from established and diverse professional periodicals, news articles, and editorial commentaries from different countries, reflecting a range  of political views/biases, that are intended to provide readers with a better understanding of various interests and perspectives regarding the situation in the region.  External links may expire at any time depending on the archiving policy of the particular news agency. News summaries may highlight only a portion of an article that is relevant to the readers and may not necessarily be the focus of the entire article or the headline. Opinions expressed in the articles, commentaries and features do not constitute endorsement by the Department of Defense, the US Navy, or the LDESP staff .

What’s Inside:

In Review: China’s New Air Defense Identification Zone

China’s Air Defense Identification Zone’s Impact on Regional Security,” CSIS CogitAsia

“U.S. Sends Two B-52 Bombers into Air Zone Claimed by China,” New York Times

China News Headlines: U.S. Policy, Economy, Government and Politics

India News Headlines: recent state elections, government and economy


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