Leader Development & Education for Sustained Peace Program: Cross-Cultural, Geopolitical & Regional Education

Regional Programs



LDESP sustains and sets the foundation for developing culture and regional competencies throughout the career of senior officers in the Army. The LDESP regional programs provide an understanding of U.S. policies, regional, cultural and geopolitical frameworks which are key to achieving the Commander’s regional strategic objectives.

LDESP conducts programs on regions/focus countries identified by the Army components of regional commands, based on COCOM requirements. The Army provides combatant commands with “regionally aligned and specially trained forces with competence in the languages, cultures, history, governments, security forces, and threats in areas where conflict is likely.” LDESP supports the ARFORGEN mission to establish a framework for regional BCT by providing regional education.

The LDESP regional program is customized for each offering, based on the unique educational requirements of each unit, and each region.

LDESP conducts programs for USARCENT and USARAF, USARPAC, UAREUR, USARSO and USARNORTH. LDESP conducts special regional seminars for the AFPAK Hands in conjunction with the DLI language training.

Contact the Program Manager, COL (R) Bob Tomasovic, to schedule a regional seminar.


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