Leader Development & Education for Sustained Peace Program: Cross-Cultural, Geopolitical & Regional Education

Leader Development & Education for Sustained Peace

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Established in 2001, the Leader Development and Education for Sustained Peace Program (LDESP) provides graduate level education for military and civilian leaders to establish a regional, geopolitical, and cultural framework for understanding the challenges of conducting full spectrum operations in unique and rapidly changing environments. The program executes distance learning courses and seminars to cultivate skills and promote whole-of-government approaches to achieve unity of effort in countries and regions around the world. 



Note: Agendas for all programs will be linked under the “Unit” column as they become available. Please click on the links high-lighted in blue under the unit column for available agendas.

2-4 June OEF POLSOCOM Warsaw
17-18 June Singapore 2-35 IN Schofield
9-11 July Kosovo 56 MMB Ft Lewis
14-16 July Kuwait 34 CAB Ft Hood
29 Jul – 1 Aug Pacific Overview 62 Med BDE Ft Lewis
29 - 31 Jul Indonesia 2 BCT 2 ID Ft Lewis
Week of 1 Aug Korea TBA TBA
5-7 Aug OEF III Corps Ft Hood
12-14 Aug OEF 3 BCT 101 Div Ft Campbell
18-20 Aug Kuwait 13 ESC Ft Hood
3-5 Sept USARPAC in the 20th Century USARPAC Ft Shafter
8-9 Sept India 1 BCT 25 ID Ft Wainwright
10-12 Sept OEF SOD-P, WA Ft Lewis
17-19 Sept Korea (Deployment) 3-8 CAV Ft Hood
23-25 Sept OEF MAP/PAT 8 Sofia, Bulgaria
TBA Oct North Dakota SPP – Benin, Togo TBA N. Dakota
7-9 Oct Europe 4 ID Ft Carson
28-31 Oct Africa 4 ABCT 1 AD Ft Bliss
TBA Last 3 weeks Oct OEF 1/10 MTN Ft Drum
11-14 Nov Thailand, Korea, Philippines 1 BCT 25 ID Ft Wainwright
17-14 Nov OEF POLSOCOM Krakow


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RESOURCE DOCUMENTS: Global Security Environment & Emerging Threats

Documents are taken from military and established professional sites with public information. The documents linked here are intended to provide readers with a better understanding of various interests and perspectives regarding the situation in diverse regions. Opinions expressed in the articles, commentaries and features do not constitute endorsement by the Department of Defense, the US Navy, or the LDESP staff.

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