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Month: May 2014

InReview: Watching India’s Elections

On 12 May, India concluded its marathon polling within the world’s largest elections. The elections, which lasted longer than a month, involved some 815 million voters. President Obama stated of the elections, “India has set an example for the world in holding the largest democratic election in history, a vibrant demonstration of our shared values… Read More ›

LDESP Indo-Pacific Asia News Update – May 2014

LDESP ASIA-PACIFIC NEWS UPDATE: May 2014 The focus of the 13 May 2014 edition of the LDESP Indo-Pacific Asia News Update is on the recent elections in India and the escalation of events surrounding Thailand’s Prime Minister. Please click here to view the document without having to login. What’s Inside: In Review: Watching India’s Elections… Read More ›

InReview: Iraq’s Continued Conflict

From the May 2014 LDESP Middle East News Update. News from Iraq has ebbed considerably since the U.S. pulled out of the country in late 2011.  Nonetheless, at times it seems that the civil strife gets continuously worst. Among the daily tempo of car bombings and attacks on Shia-populated areas, there was a glimmer of… Read More ›

LDESP Middle East News Update – May 2014

LDESP MIDDLE EAST NEWS UPDATE – May 2014 The focus of this LDESP Middle East News Update looking back on the month of April 2014 is on the current security and political situation in Iraq as well as the conflict in Syria and its regional implications.   What’s inside: InReview: Iraq’s Continued Conflict “Iraqis Vote… Read More ›

LDESP Afghanistan-Pakistan News Update: April 2014

The The April 2014 edition of the LDESP Afghanistan-Pakistan News Update has been posted and distributed. The update includes articles, reports and analysis regarding the current state of Afghanistan’s institution building and political reform as it relates to the country’s stabilization process as the 2014 transition approaches. Articles are taken from established and diverse professional… Read More ›

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