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AGRA: Africa’s Youth Are Key to Food Security


Oxfam is warning that this year’s strong El Nino could bring drought to parts of Africa that are already struggling with food shortages. The international humanitarian group says some 10 million people worldwide could face food shortages if El Nino brings fierce rains to some areas and drought to others. This could cause problems for subsistence farmers in Africa.

A recently released report warns that Africa will not alleviate its chronic food shortages and unemployment unless youth get more involved in agriculture.

The report, “Youth in Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa,” was developed by the Alliance for a Green Revolution, AGRA, an African-led alliance focused on putting farmers at the center of the continent’s growing economy. David Sarfo Ameyaw, the managing editor of the report and AGRA’s head of strategy, said the study found that many young Africans — especially educated ones — viewed working in agriculture as drudgery. At the same time, Africa has a huge and growing young population that could give it a big advantage in the agricultural field.

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Africa’s Youth Are Key to Food Security

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