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Month: October 2015

Chatham House: Somalia’s Federal Future

A Chatham House Report notes: As federal institution-building continues in Somalia, respect for minority and smaller clans within the process of member state formation will be essential to ensuring stability, writes Jason Mosley.   Summary of the Report Pressure remains high for an electoral transition in Somalia in 2016, with little appetite for the prospect… Read More ›

AGRA: Africa’s Youth Are Key to Food Security

Oxfam is warning that this year’s strong El Nino could bring drought to parts of Africa that are already struggling with food shortages. The international humanitarian group says some 10 million people worldwide could face food shortages if El Nino brings fierce rains to some areas and drought to others. This could cause problems for… Read More ›

Diplomat: Asia’s Security Architecture: The China Factor

The Diplomat includes  an interview with the The Rebalance authors Mercy Kuo and Angie Tang who regularly engage subject-matter experts, policy practitioners and strategic thinkers across the globe for their diverse insights into the U.S. rebalance to Asia. This conversation with Dr. Mathieu Duchâtel – Head of the China and Global Security Project at the… Read More ›

OECD: Is this Humanitarian Migration Crisis Different?

An OECD report  notes: The current humanitarian crisis is unprecedented with an appalling and unacceptable human cost. The number of refugees is unparalleled in recent times. The diversity of nationalities, motives for migration and individual profiles also creates a huge challenge for asylum systems and welcoming communities in main European destination countries. Moreover, given the… Read More ›

Brookings: Combating ISIS Propaganda Networks

  On October 21, the Project on U.S. Relations with the Islamic World hosted Ambassador Alberto Fernandez for the launch of his new Brookings paper, “Here to stay and growing: Combating ISIS propaganda networks.”  Ambassador Fernandez explored the propaganda history of al-Qaida and ISIS, as well as the various approaches that different regional and international actors… Read More ›

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