Leader Development & Education for Sustained Peace Program: Cross-Cultural, Geopolitical & Regional Education

Leader Development & Education for Sustained Peace


Established in 2001, the Leader Development and Education for Sustained Peace Program (LDESP) provides graduate level education for military and civilian leaders to establish a regional, geopolitical, and cultural framework for understanding the challenges of conducting full spectrum operations in unique and rapidly changing environments.

The program executes distance learning courses and seminars to cultivate skills and promote whole-of-government approaches to achieve unity of effort in countries and regions around the world.

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The LDESP programs offers:

  1. REGIONAL SEMINARS:Regional seminars focusing on political, cultural, security and other mission related issues tailored to individual unit requirements that aim to prepare mid to senior military leaders participating in multilateral and joint military exercises with partner militaries and short and long-term engagements in the Middle East, Europe, Pacific, Afghanistan, Africa, and other regions around the world
  2. WORKSHOPS ON COMBATING VIOLENT EXTREMISM: Seminars and workshops customized to address the concerns of the Ministry of Interior, law enforcement and security organizations in partner countries focusing on law enforcement challenges in the region, immigration, radicalization trends in the region, de-radicalization strategies and cooperative measures with regional law enforcement networks. These events will include a scenario based exercises, case studies and projects.
  3. STATE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMS:State Partnership seminars focusing on areas of cooperation between the state National Guard within the US and its partner country.
  4. LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS: Leadership seminars that aim to develop innovative thinkers, capable of predicting second and third order effects, who have the cultural and political understanding necessary to effectively use negotiation skills and who can retain team building and training skills along with the capacity to leverage technology.

Please contact the LDESP staff at ldesp_staff@nps.edu to learn more about scheduling a seminar.


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RESOURCE DOCUMENTS: Global Security Environment & Emerging Threats

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