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Month: November 2014

LDESP Africa News Update – November 2014

LDESP AFRICA NEWS UPDATE: November 2014 The focus of the November 2014 LDESP Africa News Update includes articles, reports and analysis regarding terrorism in Nigeria, as well as a look at regional news from East and West Africa. What’s inside: In Review: Terrorism in Nigeria “ Global Terrorism Index: Measuring and Understanding the Impact of Terrorism… Read More ›

InReview – Iran’s Leadership – the growing rift

In late October, the Iranian parliament, dominated by conservatives and hard-liners, rejected President Hassan Rouhani’s nominee for science minister. The hard-liners argued that the nominee was “not fully committed to Islamic values.” Commentators will oftentimes oversimplify another country’s leadership and government. It can be easier to understand another country vis-à-vis one’s own through the lens… Read More ›

LDESP Middle East News Update – October 2014

LDESP MIDDLE EAST NEWS UPDATE – October 2014 The focus of the October 2014 LDESP Middle East News Update is on the growing rifts within Iran’s leadership and government between the hardliners and the relatively moderate, as well as news headlines from the region including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Egypt. What’s inside: In Review:… Read More ›

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