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What should I do if I don’t remember my password?
If you already have an account on the LDESP site, please select the “RESET PASSWORD” link in the left column to reset your password.

My username/password is being rejected by the system. Why?
Your username is the same as the e-mail address that you provided to the system. You may have provided an alternate username. Please e-mail the LDESP staff at LDESP_Staff@nps.edu, if you do not remember your username.

How do I enroll in a course? Do I need to re-register?
If you already have an account on the LDESP site and wish to enroll in a course/courses, please login and select the Membership tab from the workspace (left column) of “My Workspace” to join/enroll into other LDESP courses that are open to enrollment.

Where can I find my certificate of completion?
Certificates of completion can be downloaded upon receiving a passing score in a course’s Key Concepts Review quiz. A Certificate link is located at the bottom of the left column of the course space. If you have successfully completed the quiz, you may download the certificate at anytime. Otherwise, you will recieve the following message, “Certificate not awarded due to unmet condition: Earn a score greater than or equal to 80 points for assignment Key Concepts Review”.

How do I navigate the LDESP site?
Detailed instructions for navigating the LDESP site, enrolling in courses, printing certificates, managing your account and opting out of the News Update distribution list are provided in the LDESP Navigation Guide. The guide may be accessed, after login, from the main My Workspace page.


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