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Month: April 2014

InReview Africa: Between Security Concerns & Economic Hopes

A few months ago we considered “Africa’s Economic Rise: Fact or Fiction.” Today, it seems that data on Africa’s growth are as optimistic as ever. However, security concerns continue to plague the continent. Case in point: Nigeria. In the same month that the country overtook South Africa as the largest economy in Africa, the extremist… Read More ›

LDESP Africa News Update: Elections & Governance in Algeria

Algeria’s Election: The Old Man Won’t Go Away NOT surprisingly for a country that lost a million people in its struggle for independence in 1954-1962 and perhaps another 200,000 in its later civil war at the end of the century, humour in Algeria tends to be darkly cynical. And not surprisingly the presidential election set… Read More ›

LDESP Africa News Update – April 2014

LDESP AFRICA NEWS UPDATE: April 2014 The focus of the 21 April 2014 edition of the LDESP Africa News Update includes articles, reports and analysis regarding the nexus between Economy and Security in the continent, with particular focus on Nigeria and the recent elections in Algeria. What’s inside: In Review: Between Security Concerns & Economic Hopes… Read More ›

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