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Month: February 2014

InReview: The Middle East in the New Year

  The New Year brings with it an endless list of promises and threats to and from the Middle East. Just one month into 2014 it is clear that the ever-volatile region has not been left in the lurch and the U.S.’s presence continues to shape and react to the conflicts and realities throughout these… Read More ›

InReview: Peacekeeping in Africa

In recent years the Peacekeeping Missions that were once held in high esteem internationally have come under scrutiny and criticism for their failures within the African continent. Recently The Washington Post reported that a “Record Number of U.N. Peacekeepers Fails to Stop African Wars”: The United Nations has dispatched a record number of peacekeepers in… Read More ›

LDESP Africa News Update – February 2014

LDESP AFRICA NEWS UPDATE: February 2014 The focus of the 20 February 2014 edition of the LDESP Africa News Update includes articles, reports and analysis regarding Peacekeeping Missions in the continent, with particular focus on the Central African Republic, Mali, and South Sudan. What’s inside: In Review: Peacekeeping in Africa “Record Number of U.N. Peacekeepers Fails… Read More ›

LDESP Asia-Pacific News Update – Febuary 2014

LDESP ASIA-PACIFIC NEWS UPDATE: February 2014 The focus of the 18 February 2014 edition of the LDESP Asia-Pacific News Update is on diplomacy in North East Asia as well as news from Thailand’s recent political turmoil. Please click here to view the document without having to login. Articles are taken from established and diverse professional… Read More ›

LDESP Afghanistan-Pakistan News Update: February 2014

The February 2014 edition of the LDESP Afghanistan-Pakistan News Update has been posted and distributed. The update includes articles, reports and analysis regarding the current state of Afghanistan’s institution building and political reform as it relates to the country’s stabilization process as the 2014 transition approaches. Articles are taken from established and diverse professional periodicals, news… Read More ›

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