Leader Development & Education for Sustained Peace Program: Cross-Cultural, Geopolitical & Regional Education

Ask an Expert

Do you have a specific question about the operational environment of a particular country or region?

Email us at LDESP_staff@nps.edu and we will reach out to one of our stellar faculty members and lecturers for their expert opinion.



Southern Sinai Security and the MFO Mission: Why are militants so hesitant to carry out attacks in the Southern Sinai?


What was Afghanistan like before the current upheavals?

What do the words “ethnic group” and “tribe” mean with regard to Afghanistan?

I meet an Afghan. I learn his name. What is the single other most important thing I should know about him?

What other basic advice do you have in relating to Afghans?

How would a preemptive attack on Iran by Israel affect our relations with Afghans?


What are the current countries in the HOA CJOA and what is their total population?


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